Yelp Reviews

      I just want to say that waterproofing is an art and All Weather Waterproofing & Coating are ARTISTS!! I had no idea how involved the process was. These guys have to know woodwork, stucco, concrete, fiberglass and paint. And they have to make sure that everything works together so it to last for years. When we purchased our house in 2009, the porch looked fine, but after a few years of normal wear and tear, the porch started leaking and rotting. I'm a pretty handy guy, but I was at a loss. One of our friends recommended Mike and his crew and we are lucky they did. I can't say enough how professional they were. They were respectful of our property and left it exactly how they found it. If you're having waterproofing issues, Do yourself a favor...Call Mike!

    thumb Tim G.

      After several terrible experience with other roofing companies concerning my 2 roof gardens, Mike from All Weather and his team were super professional, clean and tidy, and came in on budget. Dealt with city permits, provided a portapotty so no workmen needed to come into the house. Came back to retouch paint when I didn't like the color and dealt with all issues and concerns promptly and professionally. Highly recommend!

    thumb Rachel M.

      I had an amazing experience working with Mike and his crew at All Weather Waterproofing.  Having obtained multiple bids to resurface our rooftop deck, I found his bid to be the most thorough and although not included on the bid, he even provided a portable restroom for his crew!  Neighbors beware, other vendors may appear to have a less expensive proposal, but have 'add-on extras' such as plywood, railing repairs and leaving it up to you to cover the surface in the event of rain.

    From the very beginning, Mike answered all my questions (and there were many) in a very timely manner - usually within a couple hours.  The crew was extremely hard working, always arrived on time (actually early), very courteous and cleaned up the work area before leaving each day.  Mike also came by each day to check in and answer any questions.  I am extremely happy with the results and highly recommend All Weather Waterproofing.

    thumb V K.

      All Weather just completed a major upper garage floor resurfacing project at our West LA condo.  They used the best quality construction materials for waterproofing, had a very experienced crew, and took the time to explain any underlying issues we needed to be aware of.   Mike was great with his communication skills -- keeping us apprised every step of the way.   We were in good hands!  Highly recommended!

    thumb John V.

      Mike and his team were wonderful!  I had leaks in my home during the rainy season and was looking for a good waterproofer in the area.  I found Mike on Yelp and had him come by to have a look at my patio.  After speaking with him, I knew he was right for the job.  Mike was thorough and flexible, and his workers were prompt, courteous, and extremely clean and efficient.  My patio and balcony are now waterproofed and resurfaced and look brand new.  I highly recommend All Weather!

    thumb Kimberly M.

      All Weather Waterproofing completed work on five balconies today. The balconies were all damaged from repeated wetting into the wood framing. The All Weather team took great care in the demolition phase to ensure that their work wouldn't make any mess inside the condominium. The wood framing was quite badly damaged but the team used advanced skills to repair the structure. They followed well researched procedures to rebuild all the balconies using state of the art materials and techniques. If the original builder had used the same skills, it wouldn't have been necessary to extensively rebuild the balconies. The finished product is perfect and I have no doubt that the balconies will outlive me and the rest of the building. The job was done for a very competitive cost and executed at a level rarely found in the renovation business. I only wish that Mike and his team would expand the business to include roofing and interior renovation. I would like to thank the entire team and would recommend them without hesitation.

    thumb Larry B.

      I can't say enough about Mike and his company.  I had a deck above my garage refinished and weatherproofed.  There were some issues with the pitch of the deck and Mike came back and fixed the problem so that the water would drain properly.  Then because of the weather at the time, the deck didn't dry/cure completely and the furniture stuck to it.  Again, he had his crew come on a Saturday (right after Thanksgiving!), remove all the furniture, re paint the deck and wanting to make sure it dried completely, left the furniture off.  He came with his crew the following Saturday and replaced all the items (including very heavy pots with fruit trees) and made sure all was perfect.

    The company stands behind their work and their prices are excellent.

    thumb Sherry C.

      This is a long overdue review. Our association needed a badly leaking upper walkway deck repaired and waterproofed. we're required to obtain and compare 3 quotes prior to any major job. I really liked our meeting with Mike, and felt that his company would've been the best for the job. His quote was quite a bit higher than the others, which is the only reason we hired another company. (The association just didn't have the funds in our reserves, and we used a special assessment to cover the rest.) Well, as you guessed it, the budget company we hired had problems from beginning to end, and their subcontractors did a subpar job the entire way, while bumping up costs on a daily basis. In the end, I wish we would've gone with All Weather instead. I'm holding onto their card for future jobs though & will most likely use in the future.

    thumb Jaqueline P.

      I had an excellent experience with this company, they fixed my patio and need it waterproof, they are very professional and responsive, I would highly recommend Mike and his team

    thumb Steven M.

      Mike and his team are worth every penny. Once they started, any stress I had melted away - I thought- Wow these guys are amazing!! They are neat, efficient, professional and just so polite and wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I absolutely love my deck. Mike's reviews were terrific and that is why I selected
    All Weather, I made the right choice!! Thank you Mike and your wonderful talented crew. So Happy!!

    thumb Stay P.

      A fantastic experience start to finish. My roofdeck needed a complete overhaul. I got three bids, and even though Mike's was about 10% higher, it had NO HIDDEN COSTS. The other two did not include things like plywood. Mike was also WAY more thorough and saw things that the other two (both of them highly reputable companies) did not.  His bid included replacing all the flashing and tearing out and redoing the stucco walls around the edge of the deck, which neither of the other two bids made any mention of.  His crew was great - they arrived on time and worked hard. Mike arranged for a portable toilet to be delivered for his crew, as they were here all day for 10 days. Mike is the nicest and most honest contractor I've ever worked with. He explained every step very carefully and always let me know each morning what time to expect them (I live near the ocean, so on mornings with a thick marine layer he had them start a bit later so that everything dried appropriately). I trusted him completely and probably ended up saving money in the end because of all the extra work he did. He made the whole process incredibly stress-free.  I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

    thumb Elizabeth C.

      Had mike and team do another deck waterproofing for me.  Excellent job as expected.  Didn't even bother asking anyone else for a quote and I waited months for his schedule to open up so he could do my project.  I recommend him and All Weather waterproofing for any waterproofing needs you have.  He will do it and do it better than anyone else.

    thumb Rahul K.

      Mikes reasonable, honest, and his team is amazing.
    They were very clean, always ontime, and most importantly they do great work! So happy we had their crew do some work at our house. Highly recommend. I wish all home improvement contractors were like Mike!

    thumb Alexander R.

      Left three messages. Never returned calls to set up an estimate.

    thumb Susan D.

      I highly recommend this company.  Mike was very helpful and trustworthy.  He was on site everyday making sure everything was being done properly.  His workers always arrived very promptly.  He didn't ask for payment until the following week after the rain, making sure everything was properly sealed, which it was.

    thumb Pam M.

      Working with Mike was easily the best experience I've had with a contractor.  A patio above my dining room had been leaking for nearly 20 years, and I've had leak detection 'experts' work on it twice before.  Both "fixes" helped for a while, but eventually water spots would start to appear on the drywall again.  Mike came out in the middle of a heavy rain in January 2017, and was extremely knowledgable about the materials used on the patio and how to fix the problem.  I had two other contractors look at patio during the rain this winter, and it was clear that Mike was the only one who would be able (or was willing) to address the underlying problem.

    Once the rain stopped, he work took about four days to complete, and Mike and his team were a pleasure to work with.  They showed up on time every day, left the house clean every day, kept me updated about the progress, and finished on time.  Mike was also able to accommodate an 11th hour change to the job that will make it easy have tiles placed on the patio at a later time, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I'm not an easy person to please, and I had zero complaints during the entire project, so I would highly recommend giving them a call if you have a deck or balcony that needs work.

    thumb C. B.

      Mike arrived to inspect our leaky balcony within an hour of my initial phone call. His proposal for repair was emailed that same day. After a short delay due to scheduling issues, his crew arrived to do the job and they were done within 3 days, ahead of schedule. They were prompt, courteous and unobtrusive and also addressed the issues related to our gutters.The balcony looks great and will hopefully be leak-free. Mike even supplied the paint to match our newly painted house! I accused him of being too OCD; but in reality, isn't that what we all want from someone working in our home? Great attention to detail, professional and knowledgeable about all matters related to waterproofing. Mike is a busy man, but he is worth waiting for if you want a 5-star job!

    thumb Ev K.

      Mike and his team are top-notch and I highly recommend his work.  I had a tricky deck situation with stairs that required a full overhaul - removal of the original deck surfacing, rebuilding stairs and waterproofing a full roof and lower patio area.  What I liked most about working with Mike was his commitment to high standards and to ongoing communication throughout the project.  Home repairs can be super stressful, and Mike and his team brought the stress levels way down. And I am now enjoying the beautiful results of this completed project.

    thumb Suzanne M.

      Mike and his crew were fantastic! I obtained quotes from several other companies and Mike, by far, was the most thorough, comprehensive, and absolutely the most knowledgeable. Not only is it clear they possess knowledge at a depth not matched by any of the other contractors I met with, but he and his crew were professional from the start. This was a complete tear-out and replacement of the waterproofing system on a two-story deck of my rental property. His crew went above and beyond to make things run smoothly and to work around my renter ( making it stress-free for me! ). They take pride in their work and explained every detail as they went. They had no "add on" expenses. Any issue that was uncovered in the tear-out process was dealt with and solved with no additional charges or issues. We are so lucky we found Mike and his team and will for sure be using him on our next project!
    Look no further, Mike is your guy!

    thumb F T.

      This is the 2nd time I deal with Mike @ All Weather Waterproofing

    Mike runs his company well. What I like is the quality waterproofing work and that he always responded no matter the time I contacted him weekend or not.

    He is experienced in waterproofing and provided intelligent solutions that last. If you want a patch job please hire someone else. If you want a quality job, I'd suggest you try All Weather.

    thumb Phil S.

      Great company and great job. Very professional. They did the job right. I had no worries at all.

    thumb Deborah B.

      Mike came over to our small complex of 5 townhomes to take a look at our deck surfaces.  He was very knowledgable and honest!!  We know who to call when it is time for work/repair, no question.  Thank you for your integrity Mike!!!!

    thumb Rita A.

      Mike and his team did a fantastic job completely refurbishing my upstairs balcony. The quote was very detailed and Mike walked me through all the steps and timeline. Very professional team and competitively priced versus others I researched. Went above and beyond to ensure I was completely satisfied with the job.

    thumb Ashley H.

      My house was built on a steep slope and two years after the original work, I noticed some minor cracks and leakings at my lower deck. Mike stood behind his job and conducted a thorough inspection in person with his crew, then came back to repair all necessary spots including new painting. All these at his own cost and I really appreciate his honesty and excellent customer service. I will update another review after the rain season.

    thumb Patrick T.

      When it rained, the water from my upstairs balcony would leak into my kitchen. In the past, we hired contractors to repair the problem and it still leaked. Frustrated, we once again tried to find a contractor who knew how to waterproof. We hired Mike because he knew what he was doing. While doing the repairs, he was able to show us why the balcony leaked. His team came on time, cleaned up their work area and did a great job. We would highly recommend Mike for waterproofing repairs.

    thumb H l.

      After two years, I called up Mike regarding a small issue on a deck he replaced.  He came out and decided he didn't like how the deck was performing in a couple spots.  He decided to take off the top layer and redo the deck.  His crew removed all the furniture, spent several days redoing the deck, and put everything back after they were done.  All at no cost to me.  I really appreciate how he stood behind his product and took care of his customer.  I would not hesitate to hire All Weather again.

    thumb Mark T.

      We have had patio and deck water leaks in our 5 unit townhome building, for over 15 years.  We've tried numerous contractors and water leak specialists but not one of them could stop the water intrusions.  I called Mike to come over and give us an estimate.  He was so professional and extremely knowledgeable as to the whereabouts of the leak sources.He could see the issues and had an instant plan on what to do- unlike any of the other contractors we have ever hired.  They all had ideas of what could be the problems but never spoke to us with such confidence, as Mike did.
    We hired him to complete one of our most problematic patios.  The work is guaranteed so if we have any leaks in the next few years, he will come back and fix them.  However, we don't expect any leaks issues, especially after the extensive work he and his guys performed.

    thumb Stephanie B.

      I'm so glad to have found All Weather waterproofing. To say mike did a good job is understated. Last summer we tried hiring this "famous" waterproofing company and by December I could not believe 2 of the 3 balconies they did had a leak in it! Instead of having those guys redo the same bad job they did in the first place, we contacted mike and he is so knowledgeable that he explained to us what went wrong and how he started the process all over again from A to Z. He kept us in the loop throughout the process and responded to any questions we had throughout the way. Even though he has a busy schedule he still made time for us and we really appreciate his expertise. I came to find out he is also licensed as a general contractor since 1998, so next time you want to hire a company to do anything to your house, make sure you check their contractors knowledge and records on the state board! Overall happy with this company and couldn't thank mike enough!!!

    thumb Sarah G.

      Our HOA needed waterproofing across several decks of our building. From our first meeting, it was evident that Mike is extremely knowledgeable about his trade. He provided a thorough explanation of the work that needed to be done to solve our issues along with a quote and timeline for the project. And having used another waterproofing company in the past, I can say without hesitation that Mike and All Weather provide a truly superior experience. They handled all issues that came up along the way without any additional costs. And the construction process was seamless. Very professional, well organized and efficient. They kept to the timeline they outlined in the quote (including the necessary time to accommodate the city inspectors). If you have waterproofing needs, I highly recommend working with All Weather. You won't be disappointed.

    thumb Greg W.

      After interviewing 4 companies to repair our second story roofdeck, we decided to go with Mike and All Weather Waterproofing & Coating. Although his price was slightly higher, Mike's expertise and commitment to excellence were clear from the start. His crew is friendly, efficient and communicative. The deck looks gorgeous and I am positive we won't to worry about it for a very, very long time. Thanks, Mike!

    thumb Jessica L.

      Hired All Weather Waterproofing & Coating to handle the replacement of sundecks across 6 units of a condominium in Santa Monica.  Mike and his team did an amazing job and I am confident we will no longer have leaks.

    As a construction attorney, I am very careful in who I hire for construction projects.  Mike is an honest man who stands by his work, and takes pride in it.  His team is talented, punctual, and friendly.  It was a pleasure working with All Weather to get this massive project done correctly.

    Waterproofing needs to be taken seriously, and I am very grateful I found All Weather!

    thumb Bryan U.

      Mike is a complete gentleman and a delight to work with. He and his crew went above and beyond on their repair to my second-story deck.

    They did a great job and a great clean-up job with great attitude and a fair price.

    I wouldn't hesitate to hire Mike again or recommend his very professional operation and ethos.

    Thanks, John.

    thumb John B.

      If you have any waterproof problem, All weather is the one I highly recommend . Mike was super nice and easy to communicate. He and his crew took care of my rooftop deck for waterproof. They provided high quality job on the project to make my rooftop deck look like brand new. Everything was done one time and clean. I would definitely have Mike to do my next waterproof project for my home.

    thumb Ken L.

      Mike and his team waterproofed an existing deck and the staircase leading to it at my house in Silverlake, and got it readied for tile installation.  Unlike other contractors I reached out to, Mike was very thorough about explaining what his team would do.  His proposal was just as detailed and his price competitive. I signed with confidence.

    When it came to do the work, him and his team did a very good job: it was labor intensive, thorough and high quality.  Those guys are not cutting corners!

    The end result is excellent, and I have no doubt it will stand the test of time with flying colors.

    As the work started, we had an unpleasant surprise: the deck had previously been covered with a concrete finish that Mike had recommended removing along with the underlying roofing layer in order to go back to the plywood and install the waterproofing layer on the plywood.

    This seemed like the best, most logical and cleanest course of action to ensure the goal of a fully waterproofed deck.  However it turned out that that "concrete finish" was actually a 6 to 8 inch thick reinforced concrete slab! Someone had previously built something more akin to a foundation slab than a concrete finish on top of that deck...

    Needless to say, removing that concrete turned out into a much bigger job than anticipated.  As often in those cases, it is a test of character for the contractor, and Mike dealt with it very professionally.  The proposal remained as is, and Mike handled the "pre-existing condition" without a fuss.  What else can one ask for?

    thumb Wilfrid L.

      My patio was leaking, so I talked with several waterproofing companies. Mike gave me a clear explanation how to do the job, and he is very professional and polite, and not push you make decisions. I chose Mike to do the job, and it turns out I made the right decision. Mike showed up everyday and check the status. His crew are also very professional, polite, and efficient. They finished the job in one week in a timely manner.  I would definitely recommend Mike and All Weather waterproofing for anyone.

    thumb Hui W.

      These guys are the only ones to go with if you want to have a solid guarantee that your place is waterproofed and done in as professional a manner as possible. Obviously you pay a premium for that, but I have had contract work done before and this company really had it down like almost no other. I didn't even ask, and they showed up with a portapotty. They were on time every morning. They worked hard and fast. And Mike is a stickler for detail. You won't be disappointed by this company!

    thumb Jill C.

      A class act. Was professional from the get-go. Quoted a very competitive price, explained in detail what we could expect, and delivered the work on schedule and within budget. I have already and will continue to recommend Mike.

    thumb Don W.

      I had the pleasure of working with Mike on my residential development project in Arcadia. Mike and his crew performed a fabulous job on my 3000+ square feet basement, extending 12 feet below grade. As a professional working in the industry myself, Mike's work is top notch and I'd definitely recommend his company for any individual or company that's looking for top quality waterproofing work.

    thumb Borris J.

      We are building a ground up house with 3 decks and a stair, all wood framed construction.  Decks & stairs will eventually be tiled.  Mike and his team did a good job of waterproofing these areas, including the tricky stair in the photos below.  We'll check back in after tile is installed and we've had a rainy season, but so far so good.

    thumb Hank B.

      To Mike and his team, thank you so much for your diligent work and supervision. It is quite infrequent one finds a company that de-stresses the job at hand. You have super nice workers. Can't wait to use my balcony again and feel I have your back if any leak issues arise once rainy season is upon us with your 110% guarantee.

    thumb Clarice G.